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Are you passionate about sustainable travel, authentic encounters, a holistic experience of nature and immersing yourself in a fascinating culture? 




because we care

We want to encourage you to travel consciously and sustainably, and contribute to sustainable development by offsetting 100% of the climate-relevant emissions.


We share intense experiences of nature that nourish us and hold many precious moments full of primal life force in store for us.

We explore the islands breathtaking and pristine landscapes and experience the wild and fascinating beauty of nature.


Together we discover the secret of the Cretan way of life and enjoy the warm-hearted Mediterranean hospitality that embraces us.

We open doors to the island’s history, discover cultural-historical testimonies of times long past and give you authentic insights into the lively Cretan culture. 

On Tour

It is our great pleasure to accompany you on your multi-faceted journey of experience and to offer you a diverse and uniquely beautiful Crete experience.     

We travel in small, relaxed, informal groups of like-minded people to guarantee the desired level of quality, safety, mindfulness, individuality and authenticity.


Basic & Guest Package

  • Book without deposit: carefree & secure
  • Full tour price only due on the 20th day before departure
  • Cancellation free of charge up to one month before departure
  • Free rebooking up to one month before departure

Our cancellation conditions are as transparent and fair as possible.

So you can book and travel carefree and secure!


Travel Package

  • Our travel service: transparent & fair
  • Deposit in the amount of the flight costs plus service fee
  • The cancellation conditions of the booked airline apply.
  • We will refund you all amounts granted by the respective airline in the event of cancellation.
  • We will forward personal vouchers directly to you.  

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